1. to ungroup, to rebel, to separate yourself from a herd, consensus or from conventional  wisdom
  2. to argue for a different way of understanding a situation or of overcoming a challenge


  1. people and things not given a fair hearing, or even listened to at all
  2. ideas, communities, injustices and individuals who are marginalised, usually unjustly

Launching within the next few months, UnHerd.com won’t chase the breaking news because the latest things are rarely the most important. Its journalists will be given the time and will possess the skills to dive deeply into their subject areas. Together they will challenge out-of-date, incorrect and even dangerous thinking on economics, politics, technology, religion and the media. They will profile thinking and movements from around the world that do not receive the attention they deserve from the centres of political, economic and media power.


There are six broad job opportunities:

  1. Experienced reporters capable of gaining a thorough understanding of a topic and of then communicating what they have learnt via old and new media – exceptional candidates will have foreign language proficiency
  2. Compelling, stimulating opinion-writers – especially those with knowledge of economics, politics, technology, media and/or religion
  3. People seeking an entry level route into journalism – possessing good communication skills and aptitudes for editing photographs, designing infographics and mastering other multimedia applications
  4. Technicians/producers with established skills in the production of audio and video – with the ability to record, edit and output short films, radio programmes and podcasts
  5. Event management specialists – with experience of promoting, planning and hosting events for clients who have high expectations of service and intellectual stimulation
  6. An executive and operations officer – equipped to oversee and implement UnHerd’s ambitious programme of events, online journalism, network building and fundraising.

Although UnHerd will be based in London it aims to reach a global audience, especially in the USA. Some staff will be based internationally and individuals from outside of the United Kingdom are encouraged to apply.  If you would like to learn more please email a one-page application to jobs@unherd.com.

You should include any information you think relevant but, at a minimum, the one page should specify:

  • which of the six positions listed above you wish to be considered for;
  • any recent employers or relevant experience;
  • any specialist knowledge;
  • and a one paragraph statement of no more than 150 words identifying the most dangerous consensus that you think exists in the world today.


In advance of this website’s full launch this page will be updated occasionally with news about job vacancies and so please bookmark it.

And follow us on Twitter via @UnHerd